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Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch
For more than thirty years the National Neighborhood Watch Program has been one of the most effective ways for citizens to help law enforcement with the protection of our neighborhoods. This community-based crime prevention program is a simple and direct approach toward protecting our community from criminal attacks. The program involves the reduction of criminal opportunity through citizen participation in crime prevention measures, such as being alert and aware, reporting suspicious and criminal activity to the police, and initiating actions that reduce criminal opportunity. Members are not asked to put themselves in danger or to apprehend criminals, just "be on the look out."

Neighborhood Watch groups offer many benefits to the community, such as crime reduction and a better quality of life. Community members may feel a stronger sense of security, responsibility and personal control through the participation in Neighborhood Watch groups. Neighborhood Watch groups also help build community pride, unity and prepare us for helping ourselves and others in the community.

Over the last several years, there have been many Neighborhood Watch groups that have started throughout the community. If you are interested in participating and there is one in your area, please contact the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator listed below. However if there is not one in your area and you are interested in starting one, please contact Sgt. Diaz at (630) 897-8707 ext. 9055 or  

Balmorea Neighborhood Watch
Watch Leader: Brian

Blackberry Crossing West
Watch Leader: Nancy Evans

Fairfield Way | Foxmoor Neighborhood Watch
For residents of Fairfield Way and Cambridge Foxmoor Subdivisions
Watch Leader: Stan Bond
Facebook Page

Huntington Chase Neighborhood Watch
Watch Leader: Alan Lay
Facebook Page

Lakewood Creek Watch
Watch Leader:Pat Conner
Facebook page

Lakewood Creek West Neighborhood Watch
Watch Leaders:Mark Kunkle / Rick Helfrich
Facebook Page

Montgomery Crossing
Watch Leader:Julie Plasky

Sherman Ave
Watch Leader: Luis Colon

Upcoming meeting
**No meetings scheduled as of yet**