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Residents on Radar
Residents on Radar
Residents on Radar is a public awareness program offered by the Montgomery Police Department. Residents on Radar was created to make motorists aware of neighborhood concern for speeding problems and to encourage safe and prudent driving in residential streets.

Residents on Radar is a simple program. A group of residents are trained by a Police Officer in the use of a hand held radar device. The device is loaned to the citizens at no charge from the Montgomery Police Department. There is a petition form, which is on the website or can be picked up at the Police Department, which must signed by at least three residents and be turned into the Police Department.

Residents monitor traffic speeds at different times, day and night for three days. At least two citizens are required for each day. One citizen operates the radar and the other citizen collects the data. When an alleged speeder is detected by the radar, information including the license plate number, the time of the infraction and other items are recorded on a form given to the residents by the Police Department.

The Montgomery Police Department cannot issue citations to speeders caught by Residents on Radar, but the Montgomery Police Department does send a letter to the registered owner of the vehicle observed speeding in the neighborhood. If you are interested in participating in the program, please send a request online or call Sgt. Palko at the Montgomery police Department at (630) 897-8707 ext 9054.