The Village of Montgomery Finance Department is committed to providing timely, accurate, clear and complete information and support to other Village departments, residents and the community at large. We strive to provide exemplary service to our internal and external customers.

Department Overview and Functions

The finance Department is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the financial systems, records and functions of the Village in accordance with applicable laws, ordinances and polices. The primary functions of the Finance Department are:

Accounting - Accurate recording and reporting of the Village's financial activity.

Budget - Guide for current financial operations and plan for long-term sustainability of Village resources.

Utility Billing - Invoicing of residents for water usage, sanitary sewer maintenance and garbage services.

VanVooren, Justin 
Director of Finance
(630) 896-8080 ext. 9031
Smith, Melanie
Accounting Manager
(630) 896-8080 ext. 9033
Mason, Renee 
Accounting Assistant
(630) 896-8080 ext. 9034
Vega, Oscar
Water Billing Clerk
(630) 896-8080 ext. 9036
Utility Billing - General

(630) 896-1357