Contractor License

All contracted work must be by a Contractor who is licensed to work in the Village of Montgomery.

Residents should check with the Village to be sure a Contractor is licensed before signing any contracts for work. Contractors should contact the division's Administrative Assistant with any questions at (331)212-9023.

The following information is required by ALL Contractors to obtain a license to perform work in the Village of Montgomery:

1. Fill out the Contractor License Application (PDF)

2. All Contractors must provide a Certificate of Insurance
(with Village of Montgomery as Certificate Holder)

General Contractor: Annual Fee: (Calendar year January 1 - December 31st)  $125.00

HVAC Contractor: Annual Fee: (Calendar year January 1 - December 31st)  $125.00

Solar Contractor: Annual Fee: (Calendar year January 1 - December 31st)  $125.00

                               and Electrical License from another Illinois Municipality 

                               See our Solar Panel Installation Page for more information.

Electrical Contractor: License from another Illinois Municipality

Plumbing Contractor: State License (055) and a Letter of Intent specific to the address of work being performed.

Roofing Contractor: State License and Photo I.D

Fire Sprinkler Contractor: Please contact the fire district pertinent to the location of work being performed. See also: Fire District Map and Contact Information.